Hay Fundraiser

The Horse Shelter's hay budget for 2021 is $120,000 and we hope you will help raise hay for our 78+ horses!

THS is concerned about this year’s hay yields and how badly they will be diminished by the ongoing drought. This situation always leads to increased hay pricing and even a little increase makes a huge difference to us.

The Horse Shelter is located in Cerrillos, New Mexico approximately 30 minutes outside Santa Fe. With the desert climate and geography we are unable to have pastures and rely wholly on trucked in hay to feed our herd of rescued horses.   

We buy approximately 8,000 bales a year, so every $1 dollar increase increases our cost significantly. There have been years of drought that we’ve seen prices rise by $4 a bale as well.

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The Horse Shelter serves as a sanctuary for New Mexico’s abandoned, abused and neglected horses. Rescued horses will be rehabilitated and adopted out whenever possible to environments that support their well-being and future long-term care.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy environment for rescued horses. We follow up on each and every report we receive of horse abuse or neglect. We disseminate information on proper horse care for horse owners and make every attempt to assist individuals in the care of their horses.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and facilitate the adoption of abused, abandoned, and neglected horses throughout New Mexico.

Shelter horses are housed in run-in stalls, large paddocks and turn-outs. We maintain a healthy feeding regimen and provide veterinary and farrier care. We aim to exercise our horses when appropriate. We utilize our training program to get them ready for adoption to carefully screened new owners.

For some horses The Horse Shelter will be a life-long sanctuary due to history, age, or medical condition.



Hat Fundraiser - Donate Now